My room is constantly a work in progress, but I think after over four years of living in this home, the living room is mostly complete. Sure, I still want to move a recliner to my room, shift the tv & hang some frames up but overall I like how it looks, very comfy-cosy.
I’m not ready to share photos of the room (not sure if I’ll ever be, honestly) but here are two of my favorite little corner, the one that houses the some of my vintage LPs.

I originally bought that globe for my room, but till I could find a place for it I placed it on the otherwise bare corner table. Now dad & mom love it there & are refusing to let me remove it from there! I have to agree with them though, it looks perfect there.
In the bottom photo are two of my newer vintage record acquisitions – David Bowie’s Let’s Dance & Tonight. These were bought before the remasters, obviously. I’m particularly pleased with them because they’re actually pressed in India!

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