I am definitely a girl who hates being away from blogging, even for a little while. When I occasionally have no internet due to travel, I make do because I’m actually exploring. But when my computer just dies on me when I’m at home & it’s very rainy so I can’t go out, that’s when I generally become a very unhappy camper.
There was an upside to it though, I get to do things I don’t generally have time for… like reading the latest Smith Journal (vol.3). Not only does it have excellent articles & photography just like the last issue, I am very much in love with the poster that came in it- it’s a reproduction of a vintage german weather chart…. such dreamy cloud photos. I’m going to get it framed along with a few other posters soon, the walls in my room are very bare.

I am obsessed with these chocolate dinner mints from New Zealand. They are so sinfully delicious.

We hadn’t planned anything special for mom’s birthday, but then a family friend sent a very rich & delicious chocolate cake (you know who you are, & if you’re reading this, thank you!) Birdies cakes are the best in Mumbai, in my opinion. It was a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, marred only slightly by the millions of phone calls. Now don’t get me wrong, someone calling to wish you on your birthday is the sweetest thing ever, but when the phones are ringing continuously, & I’m in charge of picking up the second phone when she’s talking on one (why oh why do we have four?!) things get a little manic.
Dad should be home in about 15 hours. I am excited about seeing him after a few months, & I’m also very excited about the stuff he’ll be bringing with him. I am going to be like a kid on Christmas morning very soon.


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