…yesterday & brought a ton of stuff with him. The whole of yesterday was spent in a tizzy of delirium (& lots of sleep, because I was so sleep deprived).
I snapped some quick photos of everything. Some of it was gifted by my parents & the rest was bought by me but since dad came from USA (& USA is where the amazing online shopping is!) I got to save on shipping fees & not worry about the evil Indian customs or thieving postmen.

(these iPhoneographs were snapped in a hurry because I was so excited! So of course there’s no consideration for composition or exposure or anything)

I got a new MacBook Pro. This is so timely, because my older one is is being such a bitch. I just paid quite a lot to get the battery fixed & it lapses in & out of the same problem & is completely unreliable. I don’t know what the problem is, but I can however offer you a bit of free advise. Do you live in Mumbai? Own an Apple product? If it ever gives trouble, don’t take it to Maple to get it fixed. They’ll overcharge you, make you go to their service centre multiple times & it still won’t get fixed.
Externally, my new mac is exactly the same – except shinier & free of scratches. I’m enjoying OS X Lion (I never got round to updating my old one). It’s crazy (in an awesome way) that as I’m typing this post any little quick typos I’m making are getting autocorrected. I’m already all set up with apps (like Photoshop CS6!)
I love you Apple. I needed to say that. BIG thank you to my parents for buying this for me. You guys are the BOMB.
I bought some Impossible Project film (PX-70 Color Shade Cool) for my Polaroid SX-70. I’m very excited to use this film & also very nervous – It’s new to me! It’s so expensive!! I got 5 packs but loaded one as soon as I got my hands on it. Haven’t used it yet though. There was something sad about this though. At the time of ordering Impossible Project promised me a limited edition factory polo t-shirt (same kind that their factory workers wear!) I was so psyched about this little detail, I picked a size & everything but when dad came home, no t-shirt. I’m honestly not sure whether they didn’t send the t-shirt or the firm that was receiving the parcels stole it but I didn’t get it. I’m a little heartbroken.
That lovely lens is the Canon FD 50mm f1.4 to be used with my Canon A-1. I’m aware that I haven’t posted anything from that camera onto this blog (yet) but it is easily my favorite film camera ever. It came with a 50mm f1.8 & 28 mm f2.8 but I decided this would be a good upgrade. That lens is a beauty. It’s in excellent condition & the glass is so stunning.
I got a new camera bag! This Georgia camera bag (nautical) was sent by the amazing folks at Jo Totes. They specialize in making camera bags for ladies. I know you can’t tell by my shoddily taken photo but this bag is such a stunner. Everything about it looks & feels lovely… I love that it looks just like a stylish satchel & doesn’t scream ‘camera bag!‘ & yet everything is well protected inside. I will obviously be talking about this in much more detail soon (maybe a what’s in my camera bag post). Wanna hear something funny about this bag? After all the stuff my dad brought me were laid out on the living room floor, both my parents separately agreed that this bag was the best thing of the lot.
The last two things made the David Bowie fangirl in me very very happy. I got The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars (LP/DVD)(released in 2010) & Station To Station [Deluxe Edition] (5CD /DVD/3LP) (released a month ago for the 40th anniversary!) The box set is especially awesome because it has all kinds of cool stuff other than the cds / dvds / lps – press photos from that era, a repro fan club folder, pin backs, a poster etc. Seriously amazing. My dad kept making jokes about how I have so many horse carriages but not a single horse, so we’re going to buy a turntable soon. I own a lot of vintage lps, but these are remastered audiophile vinyls, I know that they’ll blow my mind when I finally hear them.

As you know the giveaway has ended thank you to everyone that entered!
Since I’m going to do the drawing the old fashioned way I hope to sit & do it later today with mom’s help.


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