A couple of weeks ago we were at our relative’s new home for an intimate housewarming dinner (their new place is gorgeous!)
As the evening progressed, I broke off from the group to spend time with my two lovely cousins. I hadn’t really planned to take any photos, but I’m glad that I carried my camera anyway, because I’m pretty pleased with these.
Ethan is just two months shy of three years, & he’s active & mischievous. When I pointed my camera at him, he made a game out of ducking out of frame or move very fast (seriously… I got a lot of blurry photos).
But then I turned my camera around & started to show him the pictures & suddenly we were playing a new game, one where he sat still for one second at a time & demanded to see the photo right after.

Alison is his elder sister, she’s ten & quite a demure little lady. I always feel nostalgic (& a little old) whenever I meet her – I was the flower girl at her parent’s wedding & I still have a diary entry that detailed my excitement of holding her when she was just a month old. She found it very hard to believe that I’m 20,  double her age!
We took turns drawing eachother, I sketched her on the iPad & she drew me on her Angry Birds whiteboard… she really likes Angry Birds, can you tell?
Ethan was playing on the rug, I asked Alison to join him & soon they were wrestling…

I really had fun with taking these photos, more because I know & love these guys. The great thing about kids is they’re so natural & uninhibited. Even if they’re shy at first, it usually doesn’t last more than ten minutes (quicker if you find a nice icebreaker like my camera). I’ve done a couple more family sessions with kids recently & look forward to doing many more. The whole evening was wonderful, our lovely music (on vinyl & casette) & I took a little group photo to commemorate the night.