Have you ever made & subsequently broken plans in the span of a couple of days? I know I have.

Like many travellers, I too have a clichéd travel bucket list – London, Paris, New York city etc. (I was at London airport for a stopover on my way to Florida, but that surely doesn’t count).

When London’s famed Victoria & Albert museum announced a very special exhibition for next summer, I was sure it was the perfect time- I could cross out a city from the list, have an especially memorable 21st birthday & make a pilgrimage to someone I truly admire. So it was all set. I cleared it with the parents & then started planning obsessively- air tickets, hotels, etc. I had even started chalking out an itinerary, when I decided not to go. It was going to be very expensive & though my folks agreed, their hearts weren’t in it (I don’t know anyone else I could travel with, either!)
So I was a little heartbroken for a couple of days, but I’ll get over it (bought these to cheer me up)!
I’m filing this under ‘travel’, the London trip that never was. Life has it’s ups & downs (always) & I’d definitely like to remember & chronicle all of it.
In other news, I will be speaking at Influencer Conference Mumbai early next month!! This is a big deal for someone who gets nervous to even do a 30 second self-introduction at blogger meets. But I’m stepping out of my comfort zone & I’m very excited, hopefully I won’t completely mess up! Bombayites, be there or be square.