A couple of days ago I was looking through iPhoto when I discovered some iPhone snaps from February. I don’t know why I didn’t post them earlier but better late than never, right?
Ever since I’d heard of Bubble Tea (or Boba) back in 2010 I’d been curious to try it. Unfortunately after a lot of googling & asking around I didn’t find any place in Mumbai that sold it. Then one day I found myself in Sterling Cineplex food court at Fort when I came across this drink stall called ‘Bubble Blog‘.

Bubble Blog; Bubble Tea Mumbai

Photos taken with iPhone 4 + fisheye lens.
It’s obvious that whoever started this drink stall had no idea what ‘blog’ means, they just thought it sounded fun maybe? They had some milkshakes & some slushies, with a choice of round bubbles or cube shaped jelly bits at the bottom, I chose the former. It was inexpensive but equally lacklustre – I’m sure authentic bubble tea is much better. I wouldn’t have recommended it or anything in the Sterling food court, that place is a dump in serious need of refurbishment (plus there are so many other nice places to eat in the area). According the zomato the place has since closed down.
Well the only reason I’m sharing these is for the novelty value, how often do you come across a drink stall with such a name? Speaking of which, my blog friend Diana commented on how blog is such an ugly word. I disagree with her, I actually like it. So I want to know, what do you think of the word? Do you love it or hate it? (or you’re just indifferent?)