Just writing to say hi from Jaipur! Since I’m currently travelling, I think now’s the perfect time to share film photos from older travels that I only recently got around to scanning.

The ceiling on one of the room in the Dasvino town & country club at Lavasa (you can see some more digital photos taken at the same time here).

This is Pedro hiding out in the pig pen in my ancestral home in Goa. Houses in Goa are very large, with even larger surrounding properties, so even pet cats there are almost feral. They’re out the whole day & only come back for meals & at night (if they don’t, the foxes will get them. No jokes). So they’re not used to being handled. And I never met a cat I didn’t want to cuddle & play with, hence the cat hiding in the pig pen. Pedro passed away a few months ago, though I was pretty sad, I was happy to have photos from three different times in his short life. Thanks for the memories, little fellow.