If I ever compiled a list of the top experiences in my life, getting to visit Mangalore & stay in such a unique place (a home for the aged) would definitely be somewhere on that list.

A lot of India (including parts of Mumbai & all of Goa) grow coconuts in abundance, but my last trip to Mangalore was the first time I noticed these tan ones (instead of the usual green). My mom’s friend who owns a large & beautiful estate said they grow almost exclusively in South India & are said to be more nutritious.

Mangalore is currently in that stage Bangkok was in the early 90’s. They’re building new highways & widening roads everywhere. And ever since I first visited back in 2006 the one thing I’ve found incredibly consistent is the high amount of red dust (from the mud) that get everywhere. Hopefully it’ll pay of for the residents when they have nice roads in a few years.

I cannot lie or sugarcoat things & say I love Mangalore, because I don’t. There are a variety of reasons for that, but they’re just my personal, biased opinion, you know? I guess I’m used to going to going to touristy places where there’s always something to see, something interesting to do. Well other than a few churches (one of them has a scenic roof, apparently) & a couple of nice ice cream parlours Mangalore doesn’t have anything much to offer.

Every new place I go, I hope that I’ll love it. But sometimes I don’t & that’s fine too, I’m always grateful for new experiences travel brings me.

Do you travel? I’d love to know your favorite & least favorite places.