Golmaal dress // Lady Stardust earrings c/o MaMA CiTA jewelry // Viola Cherry pendant

As I mentioned in the last post, I’m currently in Jaipur! It’s not only beautiful but a shopper’s paradise as well (especially if you like ethnic wear!) I’m usually very casual on vacation, but when I picked up this dress from Golmaal just before I left I knew I had to carry this with me. Putting this on without having any specific place to go to, & just prancing about the lovely vintage hotel that we’re staying in, sort of reminded me of the years I’d dress up in my mom’s beautiful clothes from back in the day, hence the title.

The earrings I’m wearing are named Lady Stardust after a song on David Bowie’s iconic Ziggy Stardust album & handmade by Erin, founder of MaMA CiTA jewelry. I usually tend to stay away from longer, dangly earrings, but these are very light & easy to wear.

I just got access to internet in my room (besides the phone) hence this post. If you’re interested in seeing some photos from Jaipur, I’m currently pretty active on instagram! More soon.