Toward the end of our trip to Jaipur we visited Albert Hall Museum. I didn’t get a shot of the whole building, but it’s seriously stunning (a perfect example of Indo-Saracenic architecture). Designed by Samuel Jacob Swinton, it was opened to the public in 1887. It functions as the state museum of Rajastha & is also called the Government Central Museum. And a large tiled wall inside also called it the Industrial Art Museum. One museum, lots of names… don’t let it confuse you!

A close up of the building. Didn’t I tell you about the pigeons?

Exhibits inside the museum included colonial arms & ammunition, paintings, garments & statues from around the country. There was even a real Egyptian mummy! Lot of the exhibits were reproductions, like this mural above.


The exhibits weren’t all that interesting to me as I kept getting distracted by the building itself. The wooden doors, carved marble pillars, wall art made with various stones, it was truly beautiful.