I saw a lot of these just a minute posts featuring on blogs last year so I’ve decided to start doing it in the new year, it’s a great way to summarise the month that went by.
I brought in the new year in Goa, totally last minute. I was grouchy about going there during peak tourist season, but I had so many wonderful adventures, like watching coconuts getting plucked & seeing emus up close!
On Jan 8th I was all set to celebrate David Bowie’s birthday when I got the news that he’s recorded a new album after 10 years. It was such an amazing feeling! Welcome back, David! 🙂
I started to appreciate coffee for what it is, I drank my first cup without any sugar. I think bitter coffee + sweet donuts are a magical combination, but now I want to slowly try having  more coffee.
I also attended the most intimate & lovely blogger meet organised by The Home Label, where I met & hung out with Roanna of Jupiter Skye for the first time after knowing her online for about four years!
I helped organize the monthly Birthday Party at the Home for the Aged with my mom & another lady. My mom volunteers there very regularly (she’ll complete ten years later this year!) I admire it so much – though I’ve been volunteering too since I was 11 my time spent there is dwindling of late. This year I want to get more regular, starting with at least once a month & then raising it to twice (baby steps!)
I had a lot of good mail days but the highlight of them all was receiving some things from India Circus. Not only is everything so well designed, I cannot get over how well they were packed.
Something to note: All of these photos are taken from my instagram & there will be dedicated posts about them soon, so you can regard this as a teaser of sorts.
Watching… I just found out that Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 got cancelled, I really liked the show! Also 30 Rock ended so it was not a very positive month for my favorite TV shows. I also finally watched The Emmys & Golden Globes – The Emmys had some lovely moments & the Golden Globes had the best hosts (also Jodie’s speech was amazing!)
Listening… David Bowie, Queen, George Michael, Hall & Oates, Tears for Fears. I just saw on twitter that TFF are back in the studio. Jan 2013 was the best month for my favorite music acts!
Reading… It was a month for magazines – Frankie, 91 magazine, Trendenser, TimeOut Mumbai, Outlook Traveller, Rolling Stone (US edition), NME.
Baking… Delicious brownies, BBQ Chicken Pizza etc. (all from scratch!)
Buying… Organisational stuff for my room, cute socks (some of it was gifted by mom)
Looking forward to… Cleaning, organising, crafting, repurposing, more baking! And posting some good content here throughout February. Hopefully there are productive times ahead.
January was an absolutely amazing month – full of good people, good things & positive change… basically moving forward. If the first month really sets the tone for the rest of the year, I couldn’t be more glad.
Two keywords for Life etc. in this new year are positivity & authenticity. Just because a lot of good things happened obviously doesn’t mean that nothing bad happened. I struggle with a balance of both on my posts. I don’t want to post too many negative things because everyone has them & I don’t want to weigh you down with mine. Yet I don’t want to give people the impression that my life is only full of rainbows, unicorns & sprinkles, you know? I’d love for you to share your thoughts on this matter!
I spent quite a few days this month mulling moping over the very sorry state of my personal finances. My mother bails me out a lot of times but I really, really have to somehow balance my need to own all the things with my decent yet limited income (& hopefully have some savings somewhere down the line!) That being said all of the positivity definitely overshadowed the small negative aspects & I’m grateful.
This blog is constantly evolving – it started as a personal diary sort of thing but has grown so much bigger than that (I’m grateful! I know I run the risk of sounding redundant but I really cannot say that enough). Last year it was predominantly visual. Though I enjoy taking pictures very much, I really want to put in more words. I like words. This blog was where I first formed a writing habit & I don’t want to stop. Just thinking out loud here.
Do you have any suggestions, or any specific kind of posts you’d like to see more of here?
As always, thank you for reading! Have a great morning / afternoon / evening / night, wherever you are.