A few days ago brand new Delhi- based label bhane. sent me a feather print scarf for Valentine’s Day.
Apologies for the repetition if you’ve already seen this on my twitter or instagram; some things are so nice you have to talk about them thrice!
The cylindrical cardboard box it came in is the most unique packaging I’ve seen in a while & guess what, it’s recycled! I made a little vine (video) of it if you’re curious to see. The scarf came wrapped in a little cotton tape that doubles up as a functional measuring tape. The design nerd in me is jumping with joy.

And now for a confession about scarves – I have a small collection (vintage, mostly) but I’ve never worn one in my life. But this. This is the softest & prettiest scarf I have ever owned & I cannot wait to take it for a spin outside.
It’s very rare to find a clothing label that makes me so excited. I’m definitely ordering a couple of things soon. 🙂