If I talked about my last Goa trip with starry eyes, I meant it. I almost 21 & I’ve gone there an average of once a year, every year. It’s mostly the same stuff – visiting family & friends, shopping for food, a stay in a beach resort – it gets old fast, & so I’m rarely enthused about going.
This trip was different. Serendipitous. The utilities in our home were on the fritz so we made the decision of staying with other people. It was very hard. I not only do I not like to impose but I treasure my independence. When I was in my mid-teens my mom had to go on a sudden trip so I stayed with a family friend – that turned out badly, so I decided never again. I was so scared that something like that would happen again but this time it was so different. I got to play with kids & animals, help with some of the more traditional chores, it was lovely.
This is Francisco – some of you may remember him from this post (almost a year ago). He’s grown into a spirited & friendly toddler, with a wide array of facial expressions.

The photos above were taken in a span of 15 minutes, maybe. These are all him. He loves to do the palm-on-mouth ‘shocked; face but my favorite is the one where my mom’s holding his hand (caption that!)

With his mom

Can’t wait to see what’s new with him when I visit next. 🙂