It was around this time last month that I received a very lovely invitation for a blogger party from The Home Label. It was by far the prettiest invite I have ever received & though I’m not a party person I was immediately very excited for this party & to me it couldn’t come soon enough!
What made the whole thing even better was knowing that Roanna of Jupiter Skye would be there too. You see we’ve known each other online for three & a half years – we both joined around the same time in mid 2009. Ah 2009 on twitter… good times! But I digress. We’ve been wanting to meet for a while but then something or the other kept coming up.
On the day of the party when we reached the venue I think I gasped a little – the theme was white & gold with a lot of keys everywhere (the logo of The Home Label is a key). The party was in a bright & airy ground floor flat, with a lot of their products used to decorate the place.
If the products looked nice on the website they looked even better in a natural setting, so effortlessly stylish.
Super cute key bunting & the party favors – little flowering cacti in a teacup & saucer, aptly named a Cup of Joy.Digital Printed JarsPrinted cushion, Ikat cushion & Braided rug, all from the 15 Raitan collection.A display trunk full of golden keys (you get a key with every order you place).The dessert table with Vintage Cake Stands & so many yummy treats!
The thing I loved the most about the whole thing was that there was no agenda. Just yummy treats, fruity cocktails (it was Friday 😉) & great conversations. It didn’t feel like a press day or blogger meet as much as it felt like a party with friends.
This threatened to be a post with no people pictures but I had to include this picture of The Home Label team. I’m not the best with names but every one of these beautiful ladies was so warm and friendly & they all made me feel so comfortable. Thank you for making it an evening I’ll remember for a long time to come. 🙂

photos 1-7 by me, photo 8 courtesy of The Home Label.