Other families can have their rice or chapatis, but we’ve always been a bread-eating family. As a kid I had very few chores, one of them was buying the daily loaf of bread from the local grocery store. There were just two types available – Wibbs & Cremica, both white.
Times have changed a bit since then. Now the popular bread manufacturers bake brown bread too. Still boring. But now all of that has changed.
The Baker’s Dozen is an artisanal bread bakery focussed on European breads. It was founded by Aditi Handa (a master of bread baking from the prestigious International Culinary Institute, New York), her husband Sneh Jain & her brother Siddharth Handa they launched just two months ago. Their central kitchen is in Wadala & yesterday they opened their first store in Prabhadevi.
Everyone who attended got to try a slice of any bread, toasted & with their choice of spread. I wish I had snapped a photo of the spread selection, it was amazing! I sampled the four grain bread with  two spreads (spring onion & garlic / strawberry butter).  The bread was crunchy & soft at the same time & very tasty & the strawberry butter was the stuff dreams are made of… going to try & make it soon.
Something else to note: not only is TBD focussed on getting you authentic & fresh European breads, they want it to be good for you too. All the breads are made with wheat flour & contain minimal fats (the Pain de Complet contains ever so little butter & the Foccacia is loaded with olives but doesn’t even have olive oil!)I had a hard time choosing what to buy but ended up picking the Foccacia. Also, isn’t the paper bag it came in lovely? I enjoyed reading the history of bread written in that whimsical hand lettered type.

The Baker’s Dozen, 9, Jayant Apartment, Appasaheb Marathe Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400025
Find them: facebook // twitter