March was an exciting month, what with India Design Forum (& design week that preceded it). I have so many things I want to get done but my exams are so close & thought I’m not studying that much I find the whole thing quite stressful.
By the time you guys read this I’ll be on my way to Mangalore. No computer (gasp! the horror!) but I hope to stay connected on email / twitter / instagram / vine. I’ll be back soon!

Watching… I’m up to date with Happy Endings & I finally started watching Seinfeld & I love it so much. I’m trying not to binge view but it’s so good that I have no self control.
Listening… The new David Bowie album The Next Day. It’s everything I could have wished for & then some. Also Blondie, Queen & Art Garfunkel.
Reading… My textbooks! 🙁
Cooking… Pastas sauces & salads.
Buying… Too many lipsticks (paid for by my mother, thanks ma!)
Looking forward to… My 21st birthday, my exams being over (the latter will only finish in early May).