Watching… I’ve fallen out of touch with all of my favorite TV shows for the time being, but more than made up for it by watching a lot of different YouTube channels, especially IISuperwomanII
Listening to… Rediscovered Mika’s Life in Cartoon Motion, which I loved when it first came out in 2007. Really catchy / fun songs.
Cooking… Trying a few different waffle recipes (more on that soon!)
Buying… Nothing, too many big expenses coming up 🙁
February was crazy busy – even worse than December, I didn’t think that could happen & while it was a lot of fun too there were a few times when I felt overwhelmed & unable to keep up. But then I just resolved to live in the moment & let it all play out. I can choose to see it as the month I did just two posts on this blog or the month a lot of exciting things happened that I will remember for years to come & I’m choosing the latter. So I guess this is an apology? Thank you readers for your sweet messages & for just generally being patient with me while I play catch-up.