I’m in a really busy patch & things have been a bit quiet on the blog these past few days as a result. In the past few days a) I returned home from Mangalore b) Celebrated my birthday – I’m now 21! I suppose that means I can do a few more thing legally c) Went for a mini vacation with mom (in Mumbai itself) & ate too much kimchi.

Magali Vaz

Last year I took a birthday portrait for the first time in years & I decided that it was something I should do every year. I was a little too busy to take it on the right day so this is actually taken two days later. Compared to last year’s photo, I’ve gained a bit of weight & my hair is shorter. I’d like to have a few more birthday photos so I can notice big changes that come with getting older. I recently bought my first tube of red lipstick & I’m hooked. I finally get the hype. 🙂