I know it’s been a little less than a month since I last posted, so please accept my sincere apologies. Some unexpected travel & then my exams came up but I’m back now, so you can expect a lot of product reviews & some fashion posts too!
Today I’m reviewing the Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner It’s available in three shades, Orange Tangerine, Khaki Green & the one I’m reviewing is Turquoise Blue. I’ve been meaning to share this review for around two months now (better late than never, right?) In the end it all worked out because I got to use this for longer & get a better feel for it.

What they say: It’s hot off the runway… and guess what? It’s easy to wear every day. Dare to wear the glossiest vinyl line in the latest fashion shades this season!
• Why You’ll Love It-
• Intense Color with high shine finish
• Easy to apply. Gives complete control for sleek or think bold line
• 24HR wear. Smudge proof formula
• Bright POP Colors.

Before we get on to the actual review I must confess that I don’t like liquid liners much. I have a bad experience from my school fairwell party five years ago. I didn’t wear any makeup back then but I obviously wanted to put some for the party so I asked my mom to buy + apply some eyeliner. She bought some black liquid liner (street wear if I’m not mistaken) but she doesn’t wear any makeup so I probably would’ve been better off on my own. 
I think at that time the winged liner was just starting to come back into prominence & I was immediately attracted to that (still am). To cut a long story short, my makeup was pretty untidy & I looked like a clown but I guess it’s sort of OK because we all looked like clowns that day?! 
I discovered Maybelline’s gel liner which is much easier to use & I haven’t looked back since.
Onto the packaging, it comes in a sleek cylindrical tube, very travel friendly. After a while swimming around in my makeup bag, I noticed that some of the blue writing had peeled off, it doesn’t really bother me much but worth mentioning, I guess.

The brush is very thin with a nice tip, you can definitely create some precise looks with this if you’re good at handling liquid liners.

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner Turquoise

The color is slightly washed out in the above swatch (much more accurate in the face shot below). To me it looks like mint, a color we’ve been seeing a lot this season (love it!) It doesn’t contain shimmer but it has this very glossy, metallic look that I love.
The consistency is liquidy but not too runny, pretty sure it’s standard liquid liner consistency. As compared to gel liner it definitely is a little bit fussier to apply & sometimes there were streaks, not sure if it’s the eyeliner or I’m handling it wrong.

I took this photo above the first time I tried it. Bear in mind that I haven’t used liquid liner in five years! My hand felt a bit shaky, but it didn’t turn out so bad, no? I’m only wearing the liner & some mascara (sometimes this tends to come on my lashes because of my aforementioned shaky hand so I have to put on a bit of mascara). I think it’s great for a fun, colorful summer daytime look. I think it will look absolutely lovely as a thin line above black winged eyeliner but to me that’s more suited to nights.
It’s water resistant but not waterproof (which means it will most likely survive sweat, just don’t rub it!) It comes off very easily with cleanser or makeup remover so that’s a pro.
It’s incredibly long lasting, the longest that I wore it if 5 hours & it survived quite perfectly.
I found is that it sometimes flakes, especially if you’ve layered too much in one spot.
✔ Very pretty shade with a metallic finish
✔ Lasts a long time
✔ Travel friendly tube
✔ Easily available at Maybelline counters.
✘ Applies streaky sometimes
✘ Flakes if rubbed
Price: ₹350 for 3 gms
Rating: 3.5/5

Will I Repurchase? Not sure yet, though I’d love to check out the tangerine shade, as I’ve really been crushing over orange in makeup recently.

I think the Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner is quite a nice way to add a pop of color to any look. Even though it’s bold it’s not at all difficult to carry off.


PR Sample, Honest Review.