photos from my instagram @magali_c

Heyyy* guys! I’m done with my exams & it feels really good to be back here blogging. Needless to say I missed this so much. So how’ve you been?
My life was completely computerless for 12 days so when I switched my computer on a couple of days ago I spent 7+ hours just browsing lol cat images. Ever since then it’s just been procrastination to the max, like obsessing over which new lipstick to buy so I hope to get more productive in the coming days.
• So I heard H&M & Topshop are going to enter India really soon? Pretty exciting because I’m such a consumerist.
• Ada is on her way to visit me!
• I’ve been thinking of getting a fringe / bangs. Not side swept but full-on you can’t see my forehead & eyebrows. Still on the fence so feel free to weigh in?
That’s all I have to say for now. Food / travel / books / green living posts coming soon!

* That hey definitely needed three y’s instead of just one.