I know this may seem a bit ungrateful / mean (& you might hate me for it!), but I’ve always had the worst luck when it comes to presents. I (think) that I put a lot of thought into getting my friend’s nice gifts that they’ll like but what I get somehow seems like it could’ve picked out by a blind monkey. I won’t go into specifics but they just always seem to have zero relevance to any of my interests. My dad buys me gadgets (I just got the iPhone 5 a month & a half ago ☺) but he’s given up shopping for me too. I guess I’m just a lost cause?
But why am I telling you this? Because sometimes (just *sometimes*) I get gifted nice things that I genuinely love & it’s such a nice feeling. The Burberry Touch for Women Eau De Parfum was one of those gifts (totally unexpected, at that). So if you’re reading this Allan, thank you!
You know I love talking about packaging. It’s a major draw for me with any product. This is by far the best packaged perfume I’ve ever owned. It comes in a cardboard box with the signature Burberry tartan print & a manila envelope style closure. Inside, the bottle is nestled in an off-white canvas drawstring bag.
I hate how some perfumes (especially high end) have terribly flashy or gimmicky bottles. This bottle is such a thing of beauty, so understated & elegant. I find the shape of the bottle as well as the wooden lid so pretty!
Let’s move on to the scent. It feels pretty weird to try & review a fragrance because these things are so subjective. There’s no easy way to really describe a scent & everyone likes different things. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t generally like the more common women’s perfumes available. I find them too floral / fruity / sweet. My absolute favorite notes are cedarwood & vanilla, both found in my all-time favorite Kiehl’s Vanilla & Cedarwood body mist. But I digress.
Here’s what Burberry says about the it- “Fragrance is soft and casual with a hint of freshness in top note which include blackcurrant, cassis, cranberry, pink pepper corns giving way to delicious floral middle notes. Rose, lily of the valley and jasmine mix with the notes of peaches and raspberries. The trail is comfortable as an English blanket, scented with warm notes of vanilla, cedarwood and oakmoss. It was created by Michel Girard in 2000.” I can definitely smell the cedarwood & citrus. It’s a little bit fruity (not too much) & there’s definitely some vanilla in there too. I find it a little bit masculine too, in the best way possible. It’s quite a ‘mature’ fragrance, in a way, not too young so I think it’ll work well for ladies of all ages. If you’re into very seasonal wearing, this is definitely more of a fall/winter fragrance, it’s very comforting (though I wear it all the year round). Lastly, this is definitely more day-wear than night.
I’m crazy about this perfume! I still love my Kiehl’s one a wee bit more but this is definitely my second favorite & I love having it on rotation.
Price: ₹4450 for 100ml although it’s currently at 40% off on Flipkart! (mine is the 50ml bottle but I’m stocking up on a second bottle because that discount is crazy!)