Nyassa is a well known natural bath & body product brand based in Mumbai. Just two months ago they launched a new line of fresh handmade soaps (28!) Today I’m reviewing two of them.

Price: ₹250 for 150gms

Who doesn’t love mangoes? (OK I know one girl that doesn’t but I still find it rather odd). Let me declare, once & for all that I love everything about mangoes – they smell & taste divine!
I got this soap just as mango season was drawing to a close (& now it’s done! No mangoes till next year *sob*) This soap is named after the Alphonso mango which is rightly called the king of mangoes. This soap smells exactly like ripe alphonso mangoes! It’s a very strong scent & it doesn’t smell artificial. It contains mango butter, mango leaf extract & raw cane sugar.
The soap is slightly pricey but rather large too. The moment I got it I cut it into two piece so it’ll last longer. I’ve been keeping it in a soap dish & so far the texture is still firm, with no sogginess/melting.
It moisturisers my skin enough that I don’t feel the need to use a body lotion or butter afterwards (though that might change in winter).
Though the soap can’t be called 100% natural (it does contain SLS & some other things) it is made of mostly natural ingredients & is 100% vegetarian. Nyassa also doesn’t test on animals.
Price: Price: ₹250 for 150gms 
There is not too much about this soap that’s different from the Alphonso soap. Scent wise, this one smells exactly like Lilies, & again the scent is pretty strong. I don’t usually like floral scents much, but I don’t mind this one. But my mom (who likes floral scents) likes this a lot more than me, so it obviously boils down to personal preference.
As I said, the rest of it is pretty much the same- it lathers decently enough, doesn’t soggy. I sort of wish the fragrance lingered a bit longer though. It doesn’t last more than an hour.

Overall I like Lily of the Valley but I love the Alphonso soap. The latter will be a definite repurchase, especially during the months Alphonso mangoes aren’t in season (which is about 10 months in a year!) I’d really like to try the Café Noir soap, because it has activated charcoal & I’ve been curious to try something with it for a while.