When I discovered that my personal finances were in dire straits a few months ago I knew something had to be done. Shopping bans never worked for me I resolved to spend more wisely & not make any impulse buys.

All of that went out the window at the Crabtree & Evelyn store.

You see, I first saw the Crabtree & Evelyn store in Phoenix Market City many months ago. Since I possess very little restraint I never entered the store.
Then the Vellvette girls (the people behind Vellvette box) sent out an email about a Crabtree & Evelyn launch events they were having in Mumbai & Pune so I knew I had to go. As I mentioned above, Crabtree & Evelyn launched in Mumbai months ago but since they didn’t have any events then (to the best of my knowledge) they teamed up with Vellvette to host this. I made sure that Roanna was coming (she loves the brand too) & dragged my mom along for good measure (because she’s the one with the credit card).

I tried clicking photos at the event, I really did but in a few minutes I was just hopping around the store going oooohhh look at this & look at that so I just put my camera in my bag & went all magpie-like.
There was an experiential zone, & Jhelum Biswas Bose flew down from Delhi to take us through the product line. I won’t go into it because that would take too long but yes, I loved a lot of things & I didn’t like a few things.

The inside of the shopping bag – isn’t it cute?

I mentioned on so many time that I really like anything ocean / beach / nautical themed. The blog title itself should have given that away! Mom bought me this lovely body mist that smells so oceany & fresh (the La Source range has been inspired by the English countryside).

I’m not usually the kind of person to buy expensive hand sanitizer, of all things but after reading the review of the La Source hand gel on Jupiter Skye I decided to give it a try (except since I already had too much La Source in my basket I went for the gardener’s range).

Here’s on of my favorite things from the day. C&E had a lot of great kits (ready for gifting!) with an assortment of different products inside. There were some floral fabric ones with mirrors that caught my eye, but in the end I liked this one best. It’s a lovely coral-red rattan box bag & sort of reminds me of an old timey picnic basket. And I liked that the kit included a hand cream, Pomegranate was one of my favorites. I know you can’t really see any of the basket here, but I have a feeling this box will appear in an outfit post soon (as soon as it stops raining, that is!)

Hand creams galore. The larger pomegranate one was part of the kit above & the small ones were all freebies – we got one each in our event goodie bags (mom’s & mine) along with a few other cute things such as nail appliqués & mini candles. The other two were because our bill exceeded ₹6,000.

Hand cream samples, also free with the purchase.

Although I really like most of the things, I still regret going so crazy buying things that are non-essential… am I growing up? The number of shopping website tabs I have open right now tells me no, but lets see. I’m going to try & review at least some of these soon. Any requests on what I should review first?