My crazy nail polish buying urges have subsided somewhat, lucky for me. Now that my exams are over I thought I’d finally share some of them.
Early this year I decided I really wanted a mint polish, something along the lines of Essie Mint Candy Apple. And because Essie isn’t readily available here, I started searching for an appropriate dupe. That didn’t work particularly well, as everything I looked up was too runny & not even opaque in two coats.
That’s when I found this beauty by Rimmel. I’m not sure how you can describe this shade. It’s much deeper than mint, a sort of teal / turquoise. Here I’ve swatches it with the Rimmel Stronger Double Duty Base Coat. I was out of top coat at that time so I just used to base coat as one. It may not be too shiny but it does the trick!

Price: ₹145 for 8ml.

I know my nails are so short in these pictures, sorry about that! I hope you can overlook it & just look at the polish instead.
The formula of the polish is a little runny but not bad. It’s the brush that I really hate! It’s so thick that it causes such terrible streaking. Things improve with the second coat. I have two other polishes from this range that don’t trouble me as much, so I’m wondering if mine just has a faulty brush?
But it feels worth it in the end because the color is really lovely. It lasts 3-4 days without chipping, which is quite fair at this price point.
ring: Colby June // iPhone case: Case-Mate
In the end, I’d still recommend this range. It mostly consists of pastels which are very summer appropriate, but I still find myself wearing it at this time of the year. The sun is shining bright so that’s enough of an excuse right?