First outfit post in 2014, woohoo! Spending some part of winter in Goa seems to have become a yearly tradition (See the Yellow Christmas outfit from last winter). It’s incredibly sunny, as always but there’s this pleasant chill in the air that I love! This is my ideal vacation outfit… I didn’t know how I felt about the ‘flared’ silhouette on this tank top till I tried it on, but I think it looks stylish & laidback while being very kind to any extra bulk around the midriff that you might be carrying! 😉
The Closet Label shoes & bag are two of my most favorite things & were my saviours in Goa. Now that I’m back I still find myself carrying the bag everywhere, you might just get sick of it with the amount you’re going to see it here (who am I kidding, who could get sick of that bag right?) 
Sorry about the weird bright spots & color variations in some of the above photos. As if the sun wasn’t bright enough, the river just acts like one gigantic mirror.
And now, to end the post here’s a picture of me jumping on a trampoline. I’m just sad I didn’t muster up the courage to jump higher like last year.