It all began with a very regal invite. Shaped like a scroll & tied with a pretty ribbon, it was an invite to be Queen for a Day at the Taj Salon at Land’s End, Bandra. The Taj Salon has a rich history – when it first opened its doors in 1940 it was one of the only 2 salons in the country.

I’ve go to Taj Lands End now-and-then but as I’d never been to the salon I was pretty eager to see + experience it for myself. The event itself was on a Sunday afternoon which is just the perfect day to get pampered.

The Salon Desk

The Taj Salon is a full-service unisex salon that’s spacious & well decorated. They also sell products there. For those of you who’ve asked me where to get Moroccanoil products in Mumbai, they have the full range there.
My day of pampering started with a hairwash & styling. My hair has not been on it’s best behavior recently as you can see from the above photo (two years of rebonding + horribly humid Mumbai weather do me no favors). After a quick consultation, they went with the Moroccanoil hydrating range (shampoo, conditioner & mask). The mask made my hair so incredibly soft, I’m going to but it as soon as I’m done with the ones I have.

Next, it was time to style my hair… they promised vintage hairdos for everyone, but since my hair is so short I was convinced there wasn’t much that could be done, but they proved me wrong!

With a tong & this magical heat tool called a waver (& two very proficient sets of hands!) they had soon given me a head of waves. And they set it with the Moroccanoil hair spray which smells sublime & doesn’t give that horrible stiff feeling – it combs right out! I liked it so much I came back home & ordered a Corioliss Big Wave because everyone needs a waver in their life. Seriously.
Next up – a pedicure. The pedicure station is one of the absolute highlights of this place. At the far end of the room, it offers privacy as well as an ocean view. Yes, a friggin’ ocean view. I was there just in time to watch the sun set, I never wanted to leave. Also notable: the expansive nail polish collection – I went with a subtle rose gold glitter polish by Jessica.

Cupcakes, macarons & other delicious snacks.

Later, it was time to get my makeup done. Everything was by Guerlain, which I have heard / read a lot about but not really tried, so the beauty blogger in me was squealing (inside) with excitement. I couldn’t help but ooh & aah at the Rouge G lipsticks (the oval / bullet shaped things in the photo above). They are so beautiful to look at & come with a concealed mirror, the epitome of a luxurious lipstick.I also tried out the Meteorites Light Diffusing Primer (the centre bottle in the above photo). It made my skin so soft to touch & evened things out, I just needed a very thin layer of foundation. Also, the Lingerie de Peau foundation? One of the best I’ve ever had on (yes, better than Chanel Vitalumière A Aqua). Shade 23 was a perfect match, it glided on, gave an effortless finish & felt like nothing. I’m definitely putting it on my birthday wishlist. (which is not too far away ;)) Oh & the makeup artist finished it off with some eyeshadow, a winged eye & the Meteorites pearls. It may not be the best highlighter I’ve used but I’m so, so tempted to get it just to have that elegant, vintagey floral tin sit on my dresser. Oh & did I mention that I managed to sneak in a little shoulder massage?

At the end of the evening it was time to pick our tiara & pose on the throne. I chose a wand too, because we could all do with a little magic in our lives!
At this point I didn’t think our evening could get any better but it did! They sent us home with a most generous hamper filled with goodies by Moroccanoil, L’Oréal Professionnel, OPI, Jessica, Rémy Laure & delicious Lindt chocolates! (I might have even missed out on a few!)

The Queen for a Day really had me feeling like a royal! Thank you to all of the amazing people at the Taj Salon, as well as Nicole, Eman & Tanvi at Perfect Relations (I was running late & forgot my camera, so all these photos are courtesy of Tanvi!) You all sure know how to make a girl feel special. 
Taj Lands End can be found on facebook here.