Cinnamon & Black Pepper are two ingredients that are pretty commonly used in our kitchen in so many dishes. Who knew they would smell this good together? Well, to be fair I already loved the smell of cinnamon but the pepper just adds something so special to it. It’s a genius blend.
The Nature’s Co. Cinnamon – Black Pepper Essential Oil* is officially one of my favorite cool weather fragrances.

This travelled with me to Goa in December & I’m sure it’ll go more places too. The bottle looks very nice & is travel friendly & both oils are known to have antibacterial & antiviral properties too! And because this is an essential oil blend (i.e. not pure) it’s a-ok to apply this straight to your skin too. I use this as a dab on fragrance on my pulse points – I find it very comforting & it also makes me a little hungry. I probably don’t have to mention this again, but fragrances are very subjective, so it’s hard to truly review them. I don’t find something I like this much often, so there’s that!
If you’re into aromatherapy or tend to favor woodsy / spicy fragrances I’d definitely recommend you get this.
PS – I went to YouTube Fan Fest a couple of days ago & it was so amazing. Shot my first ever vlog too! It was supposed to go live today but due to technical difficulties (& by that I mean it’s taking foreverrrr to upload) it’ll be up tomorrow. Do subscribe to my channel in the meantime 🙂