Lenskart is an online eyeglasses vendor in India. They’ve been advertising a lot lately so I think everyone’s heard of them by this point, but people most folks (including me!) are still reluctant to buy eyeglasses online, & understandably so – I’m used to trying on glasses & seeing if it fits me well & also how the glasses look on my face (because the shape is so important!)
Lenskart stocks many different brands on their website & has an overall huge variety. I’m quite particular about what I want & what I will not touch with a yardpole, you know what I’m sayin’? I don’t like very thin frames or full metal ones & I will never buy glasses with a separate nosepad either. I spent an hour (or two?) just browsing, then I narrowed down my picks & finally settled on a pair of Vincent Chase black glasses. They’re not ‘trendy’ but a simple, classic design. During the day time they also offer a live chat which I found to be quite helpful.
Somehow I was under the impression that the price of the glasses includes getting powered lenses too but it’s not so, you have to pay additional. The prices start low but you can pay extra for branded lenses, anti glare etc. They also offer bifocals & progressive lenses. However I found the lens prices to be somewhat high, (especially for the bifocals) as almost all optical shops offer lenses for cheaper. Perhaps Lenskart is doing it at a higher quality, though.

I got an email confirming my order & in a few days my glasses were here. They came in a sturdy, textured hard case – definitely not those gaudy ones opticians usually give. I really liked the quality of the case & this would be useful if I carried my glasses around. The glasses themselves are incredibly light. So far I’ve used mostly Italian acetate glasses & while I like the look & feel of them, after a few hours of continuous wear they leave a deep red mark on the bridge of my nose. The Vincent Chase glasses are made from TR90, which, to the best of my understanding is a superior form of plastic. Although they’re light, they feel quite sturdy & I think they should hold up well. Also they don’t leave red marks on my nose & are very comfortable for long wears which is a big plus, since I essentially wear glasses every waking moment.
Overall I’ve had quite a good experience with Lenskart & would definitely recommend them if you’d like to pick up spectacles or sunglasses. It will help to have an understand of what your measurements are (they’re located on the inside of the left arm on most glasses) although they now offer home trials on some frames.