If you’re new to this blog, I mention here time & again that I am a spectacle wearer (bespectacled person?) & today I’m talking about a wonderful new Indian spectacle / sunglasses website called Happster. I’ve talked about a few different websites that sell spectacles & sunglasses online but this one is pretty different.
Happster was founded in June 2014 to bridge an important gap. Designer glasses cost around ₹25,000 in India. Cheaper frames are available, but made with cheap material too. Happster doesn’t have thousands of frames like some websites. But what they do have is a small selection of handpicked frames, all good looking & available in a few different finishes. A pair of glasses costs ₹5,999 on Happster – they’re all Italian Acetate with Polycarbonate lenses that offer 100% UV protection.
But the biggest thing that sets them apart, is the Home trial. I’ve come across brands like Warby Parker & Lookmatic in the USA that do home trials, but we didn’t have something like that here, until now! All of the glasses have a detailed page with many product as well as model photos & measurements. You can pick 4 pairs, have them delivered home for free, try them out for a couple of days (maybe ask your social media friends to help you choose the best looking pair for your face? Any excuse for selfies ;)) & pick your favorite one. The demo frames will be collected & your favorite one will be fitted with your power & sent to you. The price of lenses & delivery is all included in the frame price, you don’t have to pay any additional cost!
Happster Eyewear India Home Try OnI was very excited to pick out my four pairs! They come in this cute book shaped cardboard box, which comes in an additional box. Inside, all four frames come in velvet drawstring pouches. I loved the attention to detail, I guess the folks at Happster are big fans of the Beatles. Now, time to try them on!

The Charrids was my favorite design, as evidenced by the fact that I asked for them in two different colors. They really were as beautiful as I thought they would be in person, especially Coffee Fade. But sadly they were a little loose for me (I have that problem with many eyeglasses & sunglasses, guess I have a smaller than average face!) Finally decided to go with the Felrow because it looked nice & fit well too. There will be a follow up post with my new Happster glasses soon, look out for that.
Do you wear glasses? They also have sunglasses in basically the same frames, but with different, tinted lenses. Are you going to request a home try on from Happster? Let me know!