The Maybelline ‘Colossal’ franchise all started with the colossal kohl a few years ago. Now, it’s a household name that is loved by so many. They recently launched two new products which I’ve been using for about a month, so do 
The Colossal Liner is a life saver! It gives quick, precise and easy application and stays for 12 hours, it is an essential makeup product for every girl.
The Colossal Kohl has introduced three new colorful variants, Crushed Emerald, Jewelled Jade and Smoked Silver. It is the perfect kohl as it lines like a kajal and defines like a liner.
The Colossal Liner glides on very smoothly & gives an intense black line that dries sort of matte. The felt tip is long & quite firm with a well defined tip that handles well & makes it very easy for even beginners to get the perfect cateye, now it’s so easy to draw one on! I do however have quite oily lids & that, coupled with Mumbai’s hot, humid & sticky weather makes it difficult for any liner to stay in place for long. The long-wearing smudge proof claims didn’t stay true for me, at least as I wore it one morning & when I came back that evening the liner had mostly disappeared leaving a faint, black smudge in it’s place (at least it doesn’t cause racoon eyes!) I can’t say I’m surprised as a lot of liners have suffered the same fate with me, even really high ends ones (Makeup Forever has fared even worse). If you don’t have oily lids or problems of makeup smudging on you too easily, you can give this a try! I will stick to the Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner  which is the only one that stays intact for me even after a long day!
The Colossal Kohl in Jewelled Jade is one of the most beautiful colored kohls I’ve seen! It’s a lovely deep green & a wonderful alternative to black kohl in your waterline. Deep Greens compliment dark brown skin tones wonderfully & this stayed wonderfully & didn’t smudge even after a long day. I’ve started reaching for this every time I put on makeup, love the subtle pop of color it gives – summery but not too bold or crazy 🙂
In the pictures below, I’m wearing the Colossal Liner on my eyelid, the Kohl in my waterline & of course my favorite The Colossal Volum’ Mascara on my lashes.
Have you tried either of these products? Do share your thoughts in the comments below!