My natural hair can be quite the nightmare. It’s not so bad on it’s own, really, but mix it with Mumbai’s ridiculously humid wether (it’s 55% humidity today!) & it has the tendency to puff up like a freshly washed poodle! Remember that episode of FRIENDS where the gang goes to Barbados & Monica’s usually sleek, straight hair starts to resemble Diana Ross from the 70’s? Yeah, I’d probably put her to shame! I have to blow dry my hair every time I wash it, just to make it behave better when I step out & not look like I’m wearing a freshly washed poodle on my head.
Growing up, my dream everyday hairstyle has always been beachy waves (think Gillian Zinser as Ivy in 90210). Matte, surfer-chic hair that looks messy but still has some definition & doesn’t just turn into a ball of frizz. Unfortunately for me,  every single beachy wave tutorial on YouTube seemed to include wrangling with either a hair straightener or a curler, & I don’t even make that much of an effort on special occasions!
L’Oréal Professionnel Wild Stylers Techni.Art Beach Waves Spray (150ml | ₹700)

And then this L’Oréal Professionnel Texturizing Sea Salt Spray landed on my desk. I was sceptical but I gave it a try & in the last 2 months this has become my go-to hair styling product!

In this time, I’ve tried a few different ways of using this & I found one that works quite well for me, so I thought I’d share a little tutorial on how I use this-

You have to use this on tower dried hair that’s still pretty damp, but not dripping wet. I just comb to detangle & part my hair (who am I kidding?! I never part my hair but you probably should, at this point!) Then I spray it all over & start grabbing little sections of hair & twirling them. You can scrunch too, but I feel like twirling gives a little more defined wave that I like better. It’s so easy to do, I don’t even have to look into a mirror. I usually just grab sections & twirl away from my face while binge watching some or the other TV show (currently it’s Monk).

Then, I just have to wait for it to air dry. The only tiny con about this? Since air drying takes time, I can’t use this when I have to wash my hair & get out of the house quickly! The resulting waves

This is how the results look, usually. I also used this same method to style my hair in my Summer’s Day Outfit Post.

Sometimes if I twirl tighter I can get more defined, large curls like this-

In both cases I haven’t combed my hair after it dried because I wouldn’t want to lose all the waves, but if you’d like to loosen the waves you can do so with your fingers. And I haven’t used hairspray either in the photos above, I find the waves hold up quite well on my shorter hair (they do loosen out by the second day) but I occasionally use some hair spray just to lock them in place for the day.
I love the Beach Waves Spray so much because it gives me the hair of my dreams with minimal effort & no heat. It also has a travel lock which makes it so handy to take on trips.
If you’ve always coveted beachy hair but are also a lazy girl like me, I’d definitely recommend this!