It strange just how much technology has advanced in leaps & bounds right? My dad needed a new phone so I started looking up smartphones & it got me reminiscing. My dad brought home our first computer when I was still a toddler, it was crazy how the entire hard drive had less than 1 MB capacity. And then I also remember the first time we got an internet connection, it was dial up of course! You had to connect a modem to your landline phone & of course your internet would disconnect if anyone phoned you.

And then there were cellphones! I still remember how obsessed I was with my dad’s first flip phone in the 90s. Ok it wasn’t so much a flip phone as it was a brick with an antenna & a little flip plastic keypad cover. And I remember when I got my first phone too (the Nokia 6600) it was one of the best phones available in the market yet it makes me laugh to think of the few features it had. It had a really bad camera & bluetooth, I couldn’t listen to music & there was obviously no internet. Back then phones lacked features completely so they were usually marketed based on either just looks / design or one select feature. Like some phones were made for music & radio, some were made for gaming, some solely for the camera, some for business purposes etc. And you had to end up choosing which feature was more important to you & buy a phone accordingly.

Later, something huge happened & that was the advent of smartphones. Smartphones made it easy to check / reply to your email, browse the internet, play games, take good photos & share them & so much more! You didn’t have to compromise on features anymore. Over time they just became better & today many use their phones more than they use their computers.

I remember when I first purchased a smartphone from Flipkart. I had internet on my previous phone but it was woefully slow. But on my new phone, it was so smooth & fast. No longer waiting two minutes for a single page to load! It was a halleluia moment for me. I was in college then & also working on this blog, so although college took up a lot of my time I was able to send work communications, update social media & more during my commute & that helped me do something fruitful in time that would normally be wasted, not to mention not succumbing to boredom.

Since then too phone features have improved a lot – I’ve upgraded my smartphones over the years & now I do so much of my work on it – it’s also my constant companion while travelling, for music, directions, information etc. Me & my phone are inseparable & I really can’t wait to see how they’ll make phones even better!

Of course smartphones aren’t much help without a good internet connection. Now that we have 4G connectivity throughout India, it’s important to own a smartphone that’s 4G compatible. I like buying online & since the very beginning Flipkart is always my choice to shop because they have the very best smartphones available there, whatever your budget might be. Even someone who is still new to smartphones will find it easy to shop there & find something that’s perfect for them. They even have a few excellent exclusive smartphones like the Moto G3, Lenovo P1M, Asus Zenfone Laser, Moto X Play, Samsung On5 / On7 that you won’t find anywhere else.

What was your first cell phone like? I’m really curious to know!