Online shopping is extremely popular in India, especially (but not only) among new generations.

The chance to shop anytime and anywhere (provided you have an internet connection), the convenience of having the products delivered at home and the easy access to a huge selection of products are the most obvious benefits.

However, while saving time and energy are the most common advantages of online shopping, saving money through it is not as easy. The prices of online shops are sometimes higher than those in stores, but there are a number of small steps that can be taken in order to make a good deal.

1) Do not underestimate the shipping costs

M sites that entice us with seemingly low prices but then, just a second before payment, deliver the fatal blow by adding exorbitant shipping costs. As a general rule it is always best to choose sites offering free delivery. Although the price of the items might appear to be less competitive, the total expenditure will be considerably lower.

If you cannot avoid shipping costs, the best thing you can do is to invite some of your friends and relatives to shop with you and divide the shipping costs.

2)  Take advantage of aggregators and price comparison websites

Online shopping portals like or price comparison websites like  are very useful resources. These websites allow you to browse a huge selection of offers from hundreds of online shops, through a user-friendly interface equipped with a powerful filter.

3) Become a fan of your favorite brands

Thanks to the Internet, the distance between brand and consumer has been considerably reduced; effective, fast communication is now a reality. Follow your favorite stores or brands on Facebook or Twitter to be always updated and to keep an eye on all the latest discounts and promotions.

4) Subscribe to newsletters

If your Facebook wall is reserved for friends and family and you would rather keep it free from advertisement and commercials, do not despair. Social media are not the only means of direct communication between you and the brands.

Many stores offer a regular newsletter (usually weekly or monthly) listing all the latest promotions, offers and news. Signing up it takes only a few seconds of your time, and you will gain access to exclusive promotions and news before anyone else.

5) Make use of coupons

Coupons have evolved and changed over time, but have yet to go out of fashion. While our mothers used to clip paper coupons from magazines, the new generations use the Internet (and in particular websites like to have access to discounts and discover new services they would never try at full price.