Pearl Academy is one of the most well known Design Colleges in India. Earlier known as Pearl Academy of Fashion, they now offer various courses across fashion, design & creative business. They have three centres in India – Delhi NCR, Jaipur & Mumbai.

They recently held A Day at Pearl, an open house type of event at their Mumbai centre, where prospective students could come & experience what a day in the life of a Pearlite is like. I got to attend a Day at Pearl, it was really fun to get an insight into what studying at a creative design school can be like.

I went to a traditional college & studied english literature & psychology, two subjects that were interesting enough, but the curriculum was set decades ago & they ended up having very little relevance or application to what I’m doing with my life today. Any fashion & design skills I have are entirely self taught, I’ve picked up a lot in the seven years since I started But I’ve always wondered what it would have been like to go to go to a creative arts school, where you can take courses that prepare you for the careers of tomorrow & actually learn from the best in the field while also getting a lot of practical experience.

Choosing which college to get your higher education can be a very daunting task, I remember talking to as many alumni as I could, visiting a lot of college websites & finally going to the college to fill up my admission form. In stark contrast to that experience, A Day at Pearl was a great way for students who are interested in one of the many courses that Pearl Academy Mumbai offers to visit the campus, tour the classrooms & labs, interact with some of the faculty & then make up their minds about whether they would like to enroll.

Pearl Academy Mumbai Pearl Academy Mumbai

After enrolling, the students got to hear from Nandita Abraham, the Executive Vice President of Pearl Academy. She also spoke to me about how Pearl Academy keeps their curriculum up to date to keep with the times & introduces new courses for new careers that didn’t even exist a couple of years ago, the Sports Management course being one of the most interesting.Pearl Academy Mumbai Pearl Academy Mumbai

The students also got to attend interesting & interactive workshops on Style and Image / Makeup & even Photography.

Pearl Academy Mumbai Pearl Academy Mumbai Pearl Academy Mumbai Pearl Academy Mumbai

On my tour of the Pearl Academy Mumbai campus, I was really impressed by the large, well equipped Garment & Photo Labs, I also loved how many of the classrooms & even hallways have been decorated by the talented students there. Being used to staid classrooms with drab walls, this felt like a place where you can truly go to nuture your artistic side, improve your skills & learn practical things that will help you in your career.

Admissions to Pearl Academy are currently open. You can get a lot more information about Pearl Academy Mumbai (& elsewhere!) & the courses they offer on their website. Also, if you’re heading to Kala Ghoda Art Festival this year or have already gone, don’t miss checking out the installations done by the Pearl Academy students.