Like a lot of girls, I love shopping but even though I live in the biggest city in India, with an abundance of malls & upmarket stores selling absolutely everything under the sun, I still prefer to do most of my shopping online. I have a lot of reasons for this – I get to avoid crowds, I don’t have to deal with pushy or misleading sales assistants. Moreover, I always find a lot more variety online & am more likely to get things in my size, whether it’s a dress or a pair of shoes! And perhaps best of all, online shopping websites often offer better discounts, or flash sales & I can take advantage of the same to save money & still get some amazing new swag & keep my wardrobe fresh.

In recent years online shopping for women has flourished in India with a number of websites cropping up to bring you the most stylish items, whether you’re looking for clothing, handbags, shoes, makeup or anything else you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it online. Today I’m sharing a few tips for how I get the best deals & prices, so you can shop smart & still get the best items without emptying out your bank balance!

1. Download the Apps

Ecommerce websites have been all about apps for a while now, & my suggestion is to download the apps of all your favorite ecommerce stores. That’s why I’m thankful that my phone has a lot of internal storage.

I have all my shopping apps neatly arranged in a folder called… shopping of course! The benefits to this are numerous- it makes browsing easy when you’re on your phone, apps usually provide a much better experience that the mobile browser, you can quickly online window shop, save your favorites, access your wishlists, track your order & more, all in one place. Plus they always send you a notification when they run a sale & additionally often notify you when there is a price drop on something in your wishlist or something is close to going out of stock, so you won’t miss out & have regrets later!

2. Follow your favorite websites on Instagram

Instagram is the number one social network of the moment & it’s quite obvious why. I love seeing visual snippets of the life & style of manyof my friends, favorite bloggers / vloggers & more. I also make it a point to follow my favorite brands on instagram. I know quite a few people prefer to keep their followings small in number & more personal, while brands may slightly dampen the personal feeling of your instagram timeline, I find that it’s very easy for me to miss brand mailers in the hundreds of emails that flood my inbox daily, but as an instagram addict I’m always able to keep track of new collections, flash sales & more other important notifications for a shopaholic like me! 🙂

3. Compare Away!

Online ShoppingMy latest closet resolution is to try & invest in fewer, better made pieces that I get more use out of, these are inevitably more expensive as well. When I spot something I like, I try to compare prices on multiple ecommerce websites, the brand website etc.

I’ve found that there is no standard to where I get things cheaper – sometimes it’s one site, sometimes the other. But take a few extra minutes to search & you’ll be glad you did; like these beauties from Clarks that I recently snagged at 60% off! Score!

So these are a few of my personal tips on how I shop smart, stretch my rupees further & still manage to dress well. Do you have any special tips or trick that help you online shop better? Do leave them in the comments below! x