Update 2021: When I originally wrote this post, back in 2016 Colourpop did not ship to India. They started shipping soon later & I’ve placed many orders directly from their website. You do not need a credit card to order, most debit cards work too!

They generally charge $10 for shipping an order, but place an order value above $60 & international shipping is free, which is an amazing deal. Customs charges can be unpredictable but keep your orders low (under $100 is a safe bet) & you are very less likely to be charged. If it’s your first time shopping with can also use my code, 5MAGALI to save $5 on a minimum order of $20!

I have not used the company mentioned below (Ship Out From USA) in a few years. They still function but I can’t attest to their service anymore. You can try them for any brands or websites that do not ship directly to India.

Original post: I show my favorite trick to order online from companies that don’t ship to India, so you can go beauty crazy without breaking the bank!

Colourpop has been getting a lot of attention in the makeup world recently. Great colour selection, great formulas at a very affordable price! I’ve wanted to get my hands on some of their products for a while now. The only drawbacks? They only retail on their website & their website doesn’t ship to India (or most countries, really!) Instagram Makeup Stores sell Colourpop at about double the cost, which just doesn’t make sense. So that pretty much thwarted me from buying Colourpop for a long time!

In this post I’m going to explain to you how I bought Colourpop Makeup from their store & shipped it to my doorstep in Mumbai, in about 10 days. And you can use this method for almost any online store (or even a brick & mortar store, I’ll get to that soon!) & not just for makeup but practically anything!

Colourpop in India

I made a pretty detailed video on this topic, so if you’re interested in buying Colourpop or anything else, I’d really recommend you watch it (& don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoy, I make videos twice weekly).

But I still thought I’d put the process down in words as well, in case I missed out on anything in the video!

To ship my Colourpop Makeup to India, I used this website called SHIPoutfromUSA. Ship out from USA does a few things- they provide you with a virtual mailbox in USA, which you can use as your USA delivery address & ship on almost any US Shopping Website, even if they don’t offer International Shipping. They also offer a concierge service, so if you’d like to shop from a traditional brick & mortar store in USA (if what you want isn’t available online) you can get in touch with them, give them the specifics & they will buy it for you, then ship it of course. I didn’t try the Concierge Service, just the virtual mailbox so if you have, feel free to share your experience below in the comments section.

Colourpop India

The order process was very simple. I registered for a virtual address, then shopped on the Colourpop website & put in my SOFU address in the delivery address section. As it was my first order on Colourpop, I got a $5 off code too! I was a bit nervous with SOFU as it was my first time shopping with them & I hadn’t heard of them before. But they were so good! Always very communicative & quick when I had any questions & I had a ton of questions.

The Virtual Address is free to sign up for & free for life! That’s right, you actually don’t pay a cent for it, you only have to pay for shipping your stuff to you. The rates are very reasonable considering you get express shipping that’s trackable at every step (it’ll generally reach you in about 10-12 days!) I was given a 40% discount on shipping to share my experience with you guys (good or bad!) & I’m so glad to say that they’ve extended the very same discount to all of my lovely readers & viewers. Just use the code MAGALI40 (during signup) & get 40% off your shipping cost. I paid only 830 rupees for express shipping 1 lb to my home, which is an absolute steal!

I wasn’t levied any customs charge luckily, but I talked a bit more about the nature of customs charges, what / how much to expect & how SOFU helps in my video.

They also offer a UK Virtual Address (no separate signup, when you register on SOFU you automatically get both USA & UK addresses).

A few cautionary words though. Sephora USA don’t allow you to use forwarding addresses. If you place an order with them, they will cancel (& return you amount in full, don’t worry). A majority of online retailers (such as Amazon USA) have no problem whatsoever though.

All in all I had a truly lovely experience with Ship out from USA & would happily recommend them to everyone. In fact, I’ve already placed two more big orders that are on their way to me as I type this. One of them is a from a new but cult brand started by a young reality star, who is famous for her lips. The lip kits are notoriously hard to get a hold of – any guesses? x