Doesn’t the term adult colouring book sound like an oxymoron at first? I mean, we all know colouring books are for kids, right? But in the last few months adult coloring books have been absolutely everywhere! In a stressful world where a majority of us spend most of our workdays in front of screens, adult colouring books are designed to be soothing & to help you destress. Needless to say, they’re nothing like the colouring books of your youth but are instead much more intricate.

I had been hearing about adult colouring books for a while, but when I heard Good Earth was coming out with their own, I knew I had to buy it. What makes this book special?

A book of discovery, Bagh-e-Bahar: A Mughal Garden is a Colouring Book for Adults. Unfold an enchanted story of imperial palaces and verdant gardens of fruit and flower blossoms told in our signature design aesthetic.

Co created by Penguin Books, it’s the first of its kind in India, Bagh-e-Bahar will take you on a journey of mindfulness through beautiful patterns taken from our rich design archive, and will bring joy to the everyday.

Good Earth Bagh-e-Bahar Adult Colouring Book

Bagh-e-Bahar Adult Colouring BookCretacolor Artists Studio Line Watercolor Pencil Set of 24

I love Good Earth’s design aethetic & I’ve previously showcased their gorgeous Farah Baksh design journal. While that was inspired by the culture & landscape of Kashmir, this book is obviously about mughal culture & the designs are everything from flowers, to typical Mughal miniatures & even some geometric designs.
Good Earth Bagh-e-Bahar Adult Colouring Book Good Earth Bagh-e-Bahar Adult Colouring Book Good Earth Bagh-e-Bahar Adult Colouring Book Good Earth Bagh-e-Bahar Adult Colouring Book

I especially love the pages with negative space like this one & the whole book is peppered with poetry by Rumi.Good Earth Bagh-e-Bahar Adult Colouring BookMy colouring weapon of choice has always been pencils & I’ve been using this beautiful set of Cretacolor Watercolour Pencils.
Good Earth Bagh-e-Bahar Adult Colouring Book

I find the whole process to be not just calming but almost meditative. If I’m feeling restless (mentally, more than physically) it clears my mind so I can then focus on one thing.

The book has so many beautiful, intricate pages that I’ll probably take a year to finish it, but so far I’ve been really enjoying this activity, I even mentioned it in my May Favorites! x