If you follow me on instagram, you’ll know that I recently attended the grand (re)launch of Suncros Sunscreen by Sun Pharma. I’ve used it almost daily for a fortnight now. I did make a detailed video review (which you can watch below, if you desire), but I thought I’d put my feelings & observations down in words too.

Suncros Sunscreen

Suncros Sunscreen isn’t a new product, per se. It’s been around for a decade now, but was earlier only available on prescriptions. In fact, it’s the #1 dermatologist recommended sunscreen in India, a high honor & something that distinguishes them from other flashy but cosmetic sunscreens. However, they’ve just released it as an over the counter sunscreen as well, so if you want to keep your skin looking & feeling great but don’t have the means or inclination to visit a dermatologist, it’s easy to get a hold of Suncros Sunscreen.

Suncros is now available in three differentiated variants that provide broad spectrum protection – Suncros Aqualotion with SPF 50 for sensitive skin, Suncros Aquagel with SPF 26 for oily skin, and Suncros Soft with SPF 50+ PA+++ in matte finish for all ages that provides 8 hour substantivity.

The launch event was a pretty educational experience because it had a panel of the country’s leading skin experts, who busted quite a few myths – everybody needs sunscreen, irrespective of age, gender or profession. Yes, you do need to put it on even if you’re spending the whole day indoors or travelling in an air conditioned vehicle. No, a Vitamin D deficiency has absolutely no relation to sunscreen usage. Yes, despite the fact that brands go crazy advertising sunscreens in summers, you do need to apply it throughout the year, even on cloudy days. And surprisingly, SPF doesn’t matter so much on Asian skin (because we tan, not burn) but it is important to see that your sunscreen offers broad spectrum protection from both UV-A & UV-B rays.

Suncros Sunscreen

I’ve been using Suncros Soft Sunscreen since it’s launch day. The first thing that I found to be very impressive was the texture of it. It has a light, whipped silicone-y feel, it’s not thick or goopy. It glides on smoothly and doesn’t cause extra oiliness or excess sweating. In fact, the texture is such that it not only goes on matte, it’ll actively help your face stay matte throughout the day. The silicone means it doubles up as a makeup primer. Makeup goes on smoother & stays on longer!

It’s water resistant which means it’ll survive some sweat & even light drizzles. Eight hour formula means you can apply it in the morning & are good to go for the rest of the day! Additionally, it’s chemical agent free & even suitable for children above the age of six months.

I’m glad that I finally found a sunscreen that suits both my skin & lifestyle, providing me with ample protection from the harmful UV rays, while keeping my face nice & matte – I certainly recommend it! x