Irregular breathing, heart palpitations, cold sweats, and numbing of the extremities. Do you experience any or all of these symptoms when thinking getting on an airplane? If so, then you may be among those who suffer from the fear of flying.

This fear is often referred to as aerophobia or aviophobia. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 6.5% of Americans have actually been diagnosed with this phobia (that’s already a whopping 20 million citizens), while 25% experience noticeable uneasiness whenever they think about flying.

Sadly, those living with this condition often refuse to travel to faraway destinations. This fear hinders those who wish to travel the world, preventing them from experiencing the joys of actually experiencing the wonders of a different culture.

Today, online travel agency JustFly will give you 4 tips on how to beat your fear of flight. We hope this helps!

Tip #1: Practice relaxation techniques

Beating Your Fear of FlyingSounds cliche, I know, but meditation, abdominal (diaphragmatic) breathing, and yoga are only three of the numerous relaxation techniques that you can practice before and during your flight. Reducing your overall anxiety is good for your general health, and it will definitely make you less jumpy when you finally get on your plane.

Tip #2: Think about your destination

Beating Your Fear of FlyingFear, as is the case with most emotions, is mostly psychological. When you think of the time you will be spending on the plane, your anxiety will keep growing and that is obviously not something you want to experience on board. How do you beat it? One easy way is to think about your destination.

Imagine all the time you spent preparing for that wonderful beach holiday. Imagine sitting on the breezy patio of a restaurant in Rome. The point is, take your mind off the plane and, when done successfully, your stress will diminish noticeably.

Tip #3: Utilize technology

Beating Your Fear of FlyingMost airlines nowadays are already equipped with inflight entertainment systems that can effectively distract flyers from their time on board. If your flight doesn’t have one, a smartphone can be of great help. Before your flight, download some games and apps that you know you will enjoy.

If your phone supports virtual reality headsets, try purchasing one. You can play several games while wearing it, or alternatively, you can watch videos with it. It’s an effective way to temporarily shut off the world!

Tip #4: Research facts

JustFlysGuidetoBeatingYourFearofFlying  5While facts may not be able to quell the fears of those with intense aviophobia, those who experience only minor cases of nervousness may help suppress it by looking at facts. Did you know that turbulence does not really pose real danger to your flight? It may be unnerving, but turns out most aircraft nowadays can’t be damaged by even the severest turbulence.

Even lightning isn’t dangerous. On average, an aircraft is hit with lightning at least twice a year, and most of the time the passengers on board don’t even notice it! These are only few of the airline safety facts that can put you at ease. Try searching for more!

If traveling really is your passion, don’t let the fear of flying hold you back. Just imagine all the fun and exciting experiences that the world has to offer. Think of all the skills and friends you might gain when on the road. All these will surely be beneficial in the long term. Now, what are you waiting for? Come book a flight with JustFly — you check out the JustFly reviews here — and see what the world has to offer.

Do you know of other ways to beat the fear of flying? Don’t forget to let us know!