Ask any high school or college age kid (of both genders) what their biggest skin woe is & there’s a good chance their answer would be pimples. While TV ads can be a tad overdramatic, pimples have the ability to pop up at the absolute worst times (but let’s get real, it’s never a good time to get one) & completely ruin your mood. When in school & college, I had an incredibly active lifestyle. Commuting, after school classes, extra curricular activities not to mention all the other things like having a social life. I couldn’t slow down & wouldn’t want to either. Pimples tend to be like a bad boyfriend, someone that disrupts your life, causes nothing but trouble. We’ve all been there, yes?

A few months ago I first discovered the Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash. Cutely packaged & affordable, this promised to help me #BreakUpWithPimples. So I had a college aged friend put it to the test & here are her two cents & conclusion.

Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash

Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash

₹99 for 80ml & ₹55 for 40ml

Packaging is often the first thing I discuss in any product because it’s the first impression I get even before I try it. This bright green tube grabs attention on any shelf. I loved the subtle ombré effect – opaque at the top but translucent at the bottom, so you have a clearer view of the contents. The flip top tube is both efficient & hygienic. You can dispense just the right amount of product. It’s also quite travel friendly, & you can easily carry it in your bag if you want, which makes it perfect to use after the gym, training or anything such.

Let’s talk ingredients. Neem is famous for it’s antibacterial properties but if like me you’re not too excited with the idea of grinding actually neem leaves & putting them on your face, this product comes in handy to get the goodness of neem without the mess. It also has aloe vera, which is soothing & hydrating, so you’re left with calm skin that never feels angry, dry or stretched out. The lemon extract in it is rich in Vitamin C, it naturally brightens & will help any scars fade much faster. It’s water based so it’s perfect for oily skin too! It does contain alcohol in a very small quantity, but it’s not in a high concentration so it shouldn’t irritate sensitive skin.

Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash

The face wash is a light green semi transparent gel with a mild, pleasing fragrance. You just need a coin size amount, once it gets in contact with water it foams quite well. This also means the product will last quite a long time, even more bang for your buck!

The recommended usage is twice a day & it does a good job of clearing out any makeup, excess sebum or grime / pollution, without stripping your skin (also moisturize after though!)

We found that the face wash does a good job of drying out any emerging or present pimples quicker, while the anti bacterial properties minimize the chances of recurrence. It also balances out oily skin well, & for that reason it’d work particularly well on teens suffering from very oily skin & frequent breakouts. It’s pleasing to use, gentle but effective & does what it promises. I’d throughly recommend it for tween or teen boys & girls suffering from oily skin or pimples, it’s time to #BreakUpWithPimples once & for all! x