Many new build homes today offer very small gardens. The need for new, affordable housing often means garden space isn’t a priority. This is a shame, because having a big garden can be wonderful. However, you’ll probably be surprised to learn just how much you can do with even the smallest of spaces. Don’t just use it to dry your washing – make the most of it!

Artificial Lawn

A lawn can take quite a lot of maintenance, which might not seem worth it for a small area. For example, if your lawn attracts pests, a company like will have to come and deal with the unwanted visitors. However, there is less chance of pests wanting to make a home on a fake lawn. An artificial lawn is a great, easy, alternative. It looks fantastic, brightens up your space, and barely takes any looking after.


Lighting is a fantastic way to add atmosphere to any garden. There is so many options now when it comes to solar lighting. In a small garden, you won’t need much light, so why not instead focus on style and adding some personality using fairy or lantern lights.

Smaller Furniture

Garden furniture has adapted to meet the needs of smaller garden owners. Small tables and chairs make a great addition to your garden and allow you to create a social space. You could even add a mini barbeque. If you don’t even have space for this, get a few benches and place them along your walls.

Add a Feature

While you may not have room for a larger feature, you could still make something work. Large plant pots filled with flowers or greenery can look great in any space.

Use the View

If you’ve got a fantastic view, or your neighbours have gorgeous, picturesque gardens, steal it. Have shorter fences, and use the surrounding views to your advantage.

Add Some Colour

One of the benefits of a small garden is that it allows you to get a bit more creative without being in danger of overpowering the eye. Why not paint your fence panels bright colours? Or add some outdoor decoration’s. The obvious way to add colour to your garden is with plants and flowers. Don’t think that a small space means you can’t do this. Add small flower beds to your corners, or hanging baskets and window boxes. You may want to avoid things that grow particularly large, or that have very strong aromas, as it will be more noticeable, especially if you are walled in. Looking after plants and flowers is also thought to be incredibly relaxing, so it is definitely worth fitting some in.

Create an Optical Illusion

Cheat. Just because your space is small, doesn’t mean it needs to look small. Add either a large feature mirror, or a few smaller, decorative mirrors to your walls or fences. Mirrors are a brilliant way to trick the eye into seeing a much larger area. This could look especially good if you have a lawn, as it will appear to stretch.

If you need help creating a relaxing space you can enjoy, with a limited area, consider getting a professional landscaper in. Find a tradesman with the skills you need, and get started today so your new garden is ready for spring time.

Spring is a great time to give your garden a makeover! x