March 8 is International Women’s Day. It’s that day of the year when flowers, gifts, and messages will come your way. After all, it is your day

For a woman, there is no greater satisfaction than a healthy body and mind. And to have that perfect combo, it is necessary to work towards it without obsessing over it.

For women, life is always on the go. There is never a stop moment for them. Most of the women need to match up with so many expectations, pack their day with so much work which leaves them completely frazzled at the end of the day. The constant flux of meeting everyone’s requirements is resulting in stress, long checklists, various health issues and unrealistic expectations in most of the women’s life. womens health & wellbeing tips

As they say, strive for progress, not run for perfection, on this International Women’s Day, follow the below tips to take care of your health in today’s busy world:

  • Eat healthy: Eating healthy and well-balanced diet is very important for women. This helps in maintaining their health as well as of their family. Eating healthy is about consuming the right serving of vegetables, fruits, grains, protein, fats, and carbohydrates in a balanced way all through the day. Also, if you struggle to get these nutrients into your diet, supplements like elderberry capsules should be added to your daily routine to keep you as healthy as can be! This helps in nourishing the body with all essential nutrients. Nuts and flaxseed are very good for women’s health. They have shown results of reducing the risk of cancer in women.
  • Do not skip breakfast: Most women tend to skip breakfast in a hurry to get to the work or finish other tasks. But, breakfast should never be skipped as after a gap of 8-9 hours, our body needs protein to replenish the lost energy. A good breakfast is required to kick start the day. Though a heavy breakfast is recommended, just incorporating a small meal will help them feeling energetic all day long.
  • Buy health insurance: Women tend to ignore themselves in the process of fulfilling so many responsibilities. Due to this, they are facing various health issues nowadays. Given the rising cost of medical care and lifestyle related issues in women, it is becoming essential to buy a health insurance. This will ensure that best of the medical care is provided to them in the case of any health problem. Moreover, over the past few years, a surge has been recorded in the number of women-only diseases, especially ovarian cancer and breast cancer. The sad part is that such diseases have become common among woman below the age of 35 as well. In taking care of the needs of every member of a family, the health of a woman often takes a back seat. Sometimes, she also ignores her health and avoids visiting a doctor, just because she doesn’t want to spend money on ‘frivolous’ things, like doctor’s fees. But if a woman has a health insurance policy, she doesn’t need to think about medical expenses. The insurer will take care of all hospitalisation expenses, including medical-checkup.
  • Get sufficient rest: Women while keeping up with their personal and professional life, do not get reasonable hours of rest. They get up early and go to bed late to fulfill all their responsibilities. Planning the day ahead by making a schedule will help them de-clutter their life and get organized. Also, they should not hesitate to ask for the help of other family members as and when required. This will help in minimizing stress in their life and get some time to rest.
  • Daily exercising: Women should take some time out from their busy schedule to do some exercise. It can just be a quick walk for only 30 minutes. This also helps in getting some fresh air and gives ‘me’ time. Daily exercising helps in making them feel better as well as it has a good long lasting effect on their health. Joining group classes like aerobics, Zumba, yoga, etc. is yet another good way to work out for them.
  • Give some attention to your eyes: If you think you don’t need to worry about your eyes as they are still doing well without specs in this age of iPhone and laptops, then you should know that many eye ailments come unannounced. So beware and give your eyes the much needed care and get a comprehensive eye check-up done at least once in every six months.
  • Take care of your mental health: A woman should not only take care of her physical wellbeing but mental health as well. The food you eat has a direct bearing on your energy level and mood. It will also help your mind feel good. Some vitamins and minerals can help to fight symptoms of depression. Talk to your doctor to know more about right vitamins for your mental wellness.  
  • Enjoy life: Women should understand that they have just one life and they should try to live it to the fullest. They should take some time off for themselves and rejuvenate with a short and relaxing vacation probably at some hill station or a beach where they can sit back and enjoy the nature away from the hustle and bustles of the daily life. Also, they should take some time out for indulging in some hobby or activity like gardening, reading, etc. that they love to do. This will help them find some peace.
  • Avoid processed food: Packaged food is readily available to consume, but they are high in sugar, fats, sodium, and other unhealthy ingredients. So, trying to avoid packaged food as much as possible will help in maintaining a healthy life.
  • Drink enough water: In the busy schedules, women even forget to drink water to keep them hydrated. Water is very important to keep them energised, avoid unnecessary hunger pangs, maintain concentration, and keep the digestion work smoothly. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water in a day flushes out toxins from the body and keeps them healthy and fit.

Be it her husband, children, in-laws or parents, a woman has a tendency to put everyone before her. However, it is imperative for women to understand the fact that they can take care of their family well only if they are healthy and strong. The tips mentioned above are easy to incorporate regardless of how busy they are. If they learn to strike a balance between their health and busy schedules, then nothing can stop them from succeeding. x