What is the first thought that comes to your minds when you think about your elderly parents? It is evident that our parents have done a lot for us and as children, it is almost impossible to repay it in any form. No matters, how much anyone does for them, it will never balance the acts of kindness, love and care that we have got from them. There are however many things that we can do for our parents to see them happy. For them, even a small help is enough and they will never demand anything expensive from their children.

As Linda Winchell writes:

“Be sure to love your parents,

Treat them always with loving care.

For one day, you will only know their value,

when you see their empty chair”

We must not forget that our parents have sacrificed precious years of their youth in building our lives and they will not be with us forever! While we keep on trying to fulfil all their wishes, it is very rare that we think of gifting them an overseas vacation! Perhaps, the thought never comes to our mind because of their decreased immunity and growing diseases in old age. But, if one thinks in hindsight, this can really be the best gift of their lives as a couple describes their personal experience here!     

Imagine the countless moments of happiness that will always remain with them until their death! And it will really be satisfied if one gets to be the source of their inexplicable pleasure for a lifetime!

An overseas vacation can prove to be a package that unwraps for them multiple gifts in the following ways:

Cut from daily grind

What do most parents do after retirement? They sit back at home and follow a particular routine every day. Imagine yourself in their shoes! It can be really heartbreaking, isn’t it? Somewhere down the line, they have lost the energy and means to have fun. A vacation can prove to be really refreshing, cutting them off from their monotonous daily routine life. It can bring back the lost energy by fulfilling their long-lost ambitions which they might have buried deep into their hearts! To avoid the busy chaos in the airports, why not have a look at fractional jet costs, and treat them to a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

Revive the special bond

Everyone might have seen their parents losing the special bond that they might have shared when they were young. With age, leaving its toll on them and nothing new to pursue, our parents tend to lose the connection and sometimes, do not even talk to each other for hours! They are always busy cooking for us, looking after us, guiding the maid, but they can rarely be seen giving time to each other which is so important for any relationship! A vacation will give them the time to revive the good old days as they will be together without any social responsibilities and free of social “norms”.

Exposure to a different culture

How would you feel if you are confined in the same set of people for several days? People who follow the same routine, the same customs and rituals and there is nothing different to learn or no different people to interact with! It sure seems like you are confined in a jail, isn’t it? Most of our parents live in the same locality and share space with almost the same set of people for several years! There is no scope of exposure to a different set of customs or history, which can prove to be so enriching for the mind and soul! What better gift to give them when they need this exposure the most at this age!

A different country, a different way of living!

It is not to demean India, but every country has its own set of drawbacks! And in India, rules on the road are rarely followed properly. Our parents have always been exposed to the shabbiness on the road while they drove or the garbage that always welcomes them when they pass by small lanes. Most foreign nations are free of these drawbacks and it will be good if our parents are able to experience the discipline on the roads and cleanliness which is strictly followed in the other nation!

Trip to historical monuments and museums:

Do you know the excitement of a child when he visits a monument he has always seen and read only in books? While most parents might have visited places in India, a foreign destination can appeal to them just like a child. Why not fulfil their dreams and gift them this incredible excitement which will surely hold close to their hearts for several years to come?

While you may now be convinced about the advantages of gifting an overseas vacation to your parents, do not forget their safety! Avail the best travel insurance policy to save them from any inconvenience while they take up the trip of their lifetime!

It will be a big achievement for your parents as well if they agree to go on a foreign trip. So, make sure you buy a comprehensive travel insurance for them so that, if God forbid, they lose their luggage, passport or meet with any medical emergency, the help is always there for them. Though they agree to go on an overseas vacation, but believe me, they will be nervous and tensed also. Any unforeseen situation can derail their motivation and hamper their travel spirits also. So buy an overseas travel insurance policy to give them complete peace of mind.  

Moreover, this way, you can be rest assured that they won’t be helpless at the time of need even if you do not accompany them!

So, do not hesitate and convince your parents as Satchel Paige says:

“Age is a question of mind over matter.

If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”