I have a mixed relationship with May. In school & college, it meant summer holidays. It’s also the absolute hottest month of the year & every place is crowded with screaming kids. For me, May 2017 was about vacation withdrawals & getting back to work & a routine.

Getting Back to It

While April was about taking a break, switching off, enjoying my vacation & recharging my batteries, May was when I threw myself back into work. I had been away from my blog & YouTube channels so it was time to get them back on track. I’ve been working on being more regular with content here & May was the fourth month in a row that this blog averaged 20,000 sessions in the month (with 50,000+ page views). That may not be a big number compared to many websites, but for my humble little blog, it’s a personal best & I couldn’t be more grateful.

As expected, most of my readers are from India but there are folks from United States, Singapore, Thailand & more. If you’re reading this, where in the world are you from? I’d love if you can introduce yourself in the comments.

So the month may not have been that interesting, but it was really productive. You can watch my vlogs from May 2017 on my Vlog Channel! (pssst… I’m also vlogging every day in June. Really)


Watching… I just discovered Rizzoli & Isles, a crime show. It’s pretty soapy & badly written, but makes for decent dinner time viewing, you know?

Listening To... I’m still listening to Automaton by Jamiroquai, so pretty much same as last month.

May Favorites

As always, I made a favorites video discussing some new discoveries in fashion & beauty. I just focussed on a few things, some of them have been game changing for me. You can watch the video below or on YouTube (where you’ll also find product details + links!

Mumbai whether is super moody right now, some days it’s wet & dark, other days bright & scorching (but still humid as ever). I’m currently doing Vlune & June is proving to be my busiest month yet. But I have some stories I want to write here, so you can expect a few fashion & travel blog posts soon! x