I love experimenting with my looks. Whether it’s trying new fashion trends, getting different hairstyles or the latest in makeup- I’m certainly not one to turn down something like a good Brow Enhancing Serum. In fact, I’ve had this blog for eight and a half years now & just going back a few years will show you some examples. My appearance has always been a form of self-expression to me, I love having fun with it & I enjoy changing my look on a regular basis.

Healthy & Strong Hair Naturally

Changing my hair is one of the easiest ways to change my look – it’s been around three years since I first started colouring my hair & I’ve had it red, purple, black, blue & I’m probably forgetting a few. I’ve also experimented with hair rebonding & bleaching now and then. At any given week, I also heat style & use a variety of haircare and styling products.

I often see myths such that heat styling, hair sprays etc. can lead to hair fall. I’ve found those to be largely untrue. But there is no doubt that regular colouring, chemical treatments and heat styling does damage my hair, making it coarser & just more prone to breakage.

Healthy & Strong Hair Naturally

So even though I enjoy experimenting with my hair, I found myself having to take breaks from too much colouring etc. just to prevent further damage & breakage. Damage care shampoos only work to some extent because after all when your hair protein isn’t in good shape, there is very little an external product can do! I began looking at ways to holistically improve the quality of my hair so that it just grows stronger & better.

One thing that will definitely improve the quality of your hair is adding the right kind of nutritions & proteins to your diet & eating healthier. But it’s not always possible to get them in necessary doses from food.

Healthy & Strong Hair Naturally

From the past 3 months or so I’ve been taking HaiRootz Softlets – they’re easy to swallow gel capsules which contain a lot of essential minerals and vitamins such as selenium, iron and zinc, biotin, folic acid and calcium pantothenate. All ingredients that have been proven to help with strong, healthy hair growth.

Healthy & Strong Hair Naturally

This may not work overnight but it isn’t just another quick-fix solution. It feels good to be thinking of long term hair health. Now I make sure to care for my hair, do regular oil massages but when I want to curl my hair for an event or fashion shoot, I go ahead & do it without any fear of breakage. x

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Photos by Anushree Gavas.