One of many reason why I love Bangkok is the variety of restaurants & cafés in the city. Not only are you spoilt for choice with all of the world’s cuisines on offer, there are so many kawaii themed cafés in the city that I could probably visit a different one every day for & still not see all of them for a good few months!

There are cat & dog cafés, junkyard & vintage themed one as well as so many dedicated to cartoons & plushes. Most of these not only have colorful décor but also fun menus keeping in mind what the place is dedicated to. 

The Siam block of malls (Siam Paragon, Siam Center & Siam Discovery) is one of my favorite places to be in Bangkok because it’s easily accessible by BTS & it has everything. I do the bulk of my high street & luxe shopping there & it’s the one place I recommend whenever anyone asks. Like any retail destination, it also has a bunch of places to eat, from common chains like Starbucks to more unique ones like Mr Jones’ Orphanage. But the one that caught my eye had to be Bangkok’s very first Moomin Café.

Moomin Cafe Bangkok

Moomin Café at Siam Center

The Moomins are a beloved family of fairy tale creatures from Finland that have been around since the 1940’s – they have their own comic strip, a series of books & even a whole amusement park dedicated to them.

The cafe at Siam Center opened up in April 2016. I first saw it during my trip there in October of the same year, but didn’t end up actually visiting until Feb ’17.

Moomin Cafe BangkokThe cafe is filled with giant plushes of many of the characters from the Moomins that occupy entire seats. You’re totally free to handle & hug them & of course take a bunch of selfies!

Moomin Cafe BangkokThe menu at the café isn’t too large but there are a decent amount of savoury & sweet items as well as cold & hot drinks.

Moomin Cafe BangkokMoomin Cafe Bangkok

I had the Hot Matcha (Japanese green tea) Latte & Moominmama’s Pancake, a fluffy stack of pancakes served with fruits, ice cream, whipped cream & a bunch of sliced almonds.

Moomin Cafe BangkokMoomin Cafe Bangkok

Mom (aka crazy salad lady) had to stay on brand – so she went for the Shrimp Salad – a few large tempura shrimp on a bed of fresh veggies.

Moomin Cafe Bangkok Moomin Cafe Bangkok

On our second visit there we had to repeat the salad & latte. Definitely favorites (the pancakes were good too but not as unique).

Moomin Cafe BangkokMoomin Cafe Bangkok

Other than the twee atmosphere, cute decor & friendly staff, we really liked all of the Moomin accents in the menu items, whether it was the stamp on the pancakes or the art on the latte. Even the sugar was Moomin branded!

The café is also connected to a Moomin store where you can get everything Moomin themed, from cheap keychains & other knick knacks to more expensive collector’s merchandise (like beautiful dinnerwear!)

Moomin Cafe Bangkok

If you like Moomin (or just everything cute) & are in Bangkok, I’d definitely recommend Moomin Café. It’s open daily from 10:30 AM to 9:30 PM. You can read a bit more about it in this official blog post.

Moomin Cafe, 4th floor, Siam Center, 240 Rama I Rd, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

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