Traveling is one of the best ways to give your mind a break from the monotonous routine of your life. It’s a chance to visit countries and experience different cultures. Since it’s so popular it’s no wonder why so many people start travel blogs. These usually show people which places to visit, where to eat, how to plan their trip, what to look out for if they’re traveling alone and many other tips. However, reaching your destination takes time and some places take a long time to reach. So the question is what to do with the time?

Get a Good Book

If your journey lasts for a few hours then you can use that time to dive into a book. You can either read your favorite book again or read a completely new one. If you’re a thriller fan then you can try out something different. If comic books are your thing you go through a few issues of your favorite comic. Finally, if you find the classic way to go through a book boring you can always listen to an audiobook.

Play a Few Games on the Bus, Train or Plane

Adventure, RPG or FPS, whichever genre is your favorite you can enjoy a good game when on a long journey. There are plenty of games you can pick from. If you’re on a trip with your friends you can have a mini competition in CS GO, DOTA 2 or League of Legends. If you’re going solo then a game with a good story will take your mind of the traveling time and a few hours will feel like a bunch of minutes.

Interactive games are also an option when it comes to passing time. They can help you earn a little extra for your trip or just help you have fun while waiting to arrive at your destination. Various sites give you a plethora of games to choose from including the option to play online slot machines on the bus, plane or train.  

Listen to Some Music

Nothing can ease your mind like a bit of music. If you’re looking to sleep then some soothing tones will help you relax. If pop is your favorite genre then you can try experimenting with rock or rap music of you feel like it. Either way listening to a mix of songs or albums will help you kill time on a long journey.

Watch Something

pass time on a long journey

Do you have to travel for 3 hours to get to your destination? That’s the perfect time to watch some long movie or get into a TV show. Documentaries can also be a fun way to pass this time and you could learn something along the way. If you want to cheer yourself up then you can watch some stand up comedy special. They last for about two hours and they’re a good choice because you’ll be laughing all the way to your destination. Watching a good podcast is also an option. x