If you are a natural born walker, which is to say that you can go for miles and long as it does not involve running, you will understand the value of having the right support when you need to (or want to) spend many hours on end on your feet!

Picking the right kind of footwear for your chosen activity can go a long way in saving you the hassle and discomfort of repeat strain injuries, such as those caused by incorrect posture or too much strain on certain joints. 

What makes a walking shoe a walking shoe?

You might even have seen the signage in the shops, but without having a good idea of what makes different types of shoes suitable for certain jobs, no amount of labelling can cure the confusion. Walking is one of the most natural things you can do, so why make such a fuss over the right shoes. Don’t we all just – you know – walk? 

Not necessarily.

Walking shoes that are designed correctly will be hard-wearing and exceptionally durable and constructed in such a way that they would to your natural foot shape, which in turn will help to alleviate strain. Their jobs are also to not restrict blood flow and provide enough cushioning to protect your joints over longer distances.

But running shoes should also protect you.

This is not an understatement, but when making statements like these, you need to have a clear understanding of the “buts”. Of course, running shoes should protect you – they are a supportive piece of equipment in an active lifestyle, after all – “but”.

Running shoes are designed in a slightly different way, including shoes on sale from top brands like Nike. This is to accommodate the variations of movement in the switchover from walking to running. Running creates a far great impact on the heels than walking does. This greater impact has also led to the phenomenon of running shoes needing to be replaced more often than other shoes, as they wear out at a far greater rate than walking shoes. 

The key feature of running shoes should be the ability to absorb impact. Looks do not matter as much as function, unless…

Fashion forward

…Unless you wear your running shoes as a fashion statement and not as a functional piece of equipment. Given the extraordinary comfort levels of this type of shoe, an example being Nike shoes which are available on sale, it is no wonder that people have started wearing them recreationally! From exceptional comfort to being available in a dazzling array of colors, there literally can be a running shoe for everyone. 

The best available advice is to weigh your options against your lifestyle – your likes and dislikes, the reason why you want to buy the shoes and how you intend to wear them – in other words, what their assigned purpose will be. 

So, use your resources to your advantage – anything from the internet to your friends is fair game! Get as much information as you can about a pair of shoes you love, and make sure you spend your money on something worthwhile!