Today was the last of my exams. Oh yeah, there’s still a silly one remaining, but there’s no need to take it seriously. Even though I did turn on my computer many times during these exam days, my brain was too fried to blog.

Now I’m finally free, and there are just four days to go for my Birthday! Which, incidentally, I will be spending in Goa!!! I hate it! And I hate Goa… No, actually, I love Goa!!! Not sure really. Love the scenery, the pollution free atmosphere, the resorts, the beaches, the Breezers. Hate waking early to go visit the relatives, the drunkards, the drunk drivers, the druggies, the insects, etc. So there, I usually get to experience more of the hated type than the loved type. After that, we will be back for a little while before going to Thailand. I will be carrying my laptop with me, but I’m not sure about Internet access. However, when I feel like it, I will write, and publish all of that to my blog whenever I do get Internet access. I feel a little sad to go away for so long, even though it’s gonna be fun and sleeping and lounging about, and SHOPPING! I can’t wait.