Yesterday, I suddenly thought to google Lucy Lawless. You know, the lead actress from ‘Xena: Warrior Princess‘. Almost everybody knows that I’m a really big fan of her’s and I was hoping to look out for any new films in which she may be acting. Her cameo in Euro Trip was hilarious!

I found that she’s acting as ‘Mother Superior’ in an upcoming film called ‘Bitch Slap’, which looks like a take on classic 70s exploitation films.

But when I further read up on the yet-to-be-released film, I realised that she wasn’t the only familiar face in it. Renee O’Connor (Gabrielle from Xena) was there too as Sister Barille and Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst (Hercules and Iolaus from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena’s parent show)

I was so excited! I mean, this is no concidence! I checked out some trailers and other stuff on YouTube and saw that I wasn’t the only really excited xena fan. Tons of people were there, some hoping that this was a sign for a Xena film! As much as I’d love that, the possibility seems really bleak. But I can’t wait for Bitch Slap to release!